Posted by: rudyruddell | July 24, 2010

Collection of atheist links

Prayer before government meetings is constitutional.

2.5 hour Christian video that demonstrates that Thomas Payne, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison were not Christian and that perhaps George Washington was  a deist or a Catholic.

Our founding fathers could not be elected today

My dialogue with History Professor Tyrrell starting 12/23/11

Historical consensus about Jesus

Parallel reading of the gospels

Pagan origins of Christianity

A short history of sexual molestation by Catholic priests.

Hitler was a christian proof:

Why atheists are not secret theists because they speak out against god.

The theist/gnostic matrix.

Add atheist button to pic

Add big A to pic

Atheist singles match

10 incestuous relationships of the bible.

okay, so Nazereth existed

evidence that christ existed.!+Mail

Introduction to evolution

evidence for evolution

example of slow evolution changing of font color

best videos for arguing for evolution and atheism.

Ring species demonstrate speciation:

The historical or lack thereof Cheesus

no Jesus

No independent verification of Jesus.

Versions of Rhe Golden Rule:

noah’s ark find was a hoax.

Egyptian roots of the bible

Lack of belief vs. atheism.

Religion as a mental illness

Are we hard-wired for religion? Did epilepsy cause Paul’s religious experience?

Monks and nuns have religious experience have heightened activity of the frontal lobe used for concentration and less activity in the parietal lobe which enables spacial orientation. Thus, the monk and nun don’t know where they are and feel one with the universe.

Frontal lobe epilepsy causes hallucinations.  The temporal lobe controls emotion and memory, so seizures often distort these two things. People with temporal lobe epilepsy describe foreign emotions, a deluge of old memories flooding back or hallucinations.

How people come to believe in claims with no evidence:

A video describing the above links about religious experiences

A video show how scientist learn about the universe.

Debunking the Kalam Cosmological Argument of William Lane Craig

Dunning-Kruger effect. Stupid people don’t realize they are stupid.

Atheists are intellectually superior

Fundamentalists more likely to commit domestic violence

Dennett explains consciousness

Religion prevents finding mistakes

fewer atheists in prison

Is evolution a fact or theory:

how life began

Answer to the irreducibly complex argument

FAQ’s about evolution:

homosexuality is inborn

Post traumatic stress disorder causes seeing ghosts.

How the first cells were formed:

How the first DNA was formed

5 minute story of evolution

All the vile bible verses you want and’s%20not%20pro-life.htm

US not a christian nation

Constitution based on Magna Carta, an unreligious document


M theory


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