Posted by: rudyruddell | July 9, 2011

Rudy Ruddell’s Blog

Rudy Ruddell’s Blog

I am a humanistic free-thinking atheistic rationalist skeptic. If I am accused of being immoral or baby-eating, I point to humanism. I am a citizen of the world and I  wrote an alternative to the Pledge of Allegiance.

If I am accused of Satan worship, I point to rationalist skeptic. If I am accused of communism, I point to my free-thinking. I have no belief in any god. I am a naturalist. I do not believe in anything supernatural. If there is something beyond my five senses, I do not detect it so it is irrelevant to my life. I have been subjected to many different belief systems in my life. See my biography at  or the long version at

I recently sent a “Declaration of Defection” and

And I got de-baptised:

I have read several books on atheism and The Holy Bible. I have come to the conclusion that the bible is a book of fables that are based on some facts but it is mostly fiction.

For example, there is little evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed.

Also, the God character is a murdering bastard:

I think religion does more harm than good. Religion hampers scientific progress. Only a minority of people in the U.S. accept  evolution

I think it is important to know what is true, not just what is comfortable or makes common sense. We should not succumb to our evolutionary acquired tendencies to accept unsubstantiated claims. This is how How people come to believe in claims with no evidence: We can never be 100% certain of anything but we can evaluate the probability of the truth of a claim.




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