Posted by: rudyruddell | October 5, 2011

What I want to write a book about

10/4/11 I want to write a book that would show how religion  and faith are just a set of psychological processes, not from anything supernatural. For example confirmation bias makes people take prior beliefs and seek information to verify or confirm it. Also, research shows that people tend to conform to norms of society, naturally without thinking about it, as in the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Thus, if everyone around you is religious, you will tend to naturally be religious. Conformity also perpetuated McCarthyism and Salem witch hunts. Excellent lecture on conformity.

Another aspect of conformity is “diffusion of responsibility,” which says that as a group size increases, individual responsibility decreases, as in Kitty Genovese as pointed out in this lecture. v=KTUXTH0_aks&feature=relmfu After an accident, everyone is looking around at the others wondering if this is an emergency, but not acting, because everyone looks like it is not an emergency because everyone is staring and doing nothing. This can explain why people followed Hitler and why no one intervenes in a stoning.

Another example is paradolia, in which people have evolved the tendency to see agency in everything. It evolved because people who tended to view even inanimate objects as threats tended to survive better than people who did not perceive threats, even if the threat were real.

I plan to get a Ph.D. in Social Psychology at Walden University so that I can become an expert in the psychology of religion. I know there are other books that do explain the psychology of religion, but many of them are text books and are not read often by the public. I want as many people as possible to read my book, so they hopefully a few will arrive at the same conclusion I did in 1975 – that we are just animals driven by nature, not god.

10/5/11 I am enjoying my book called The Atheist Way by Eric _________ about finding meaning in a supernaturaless life. He says we need to make a meaning statement, which I am beginning to do with this paragraph. What I want to do to give my life meaning is to get a Ph.D. and publish a book by Rudy Ruddell, Ph.D. What I want to study is the psychology of religion and how smart people can be religious. Today, I read this article that shows that children are not necessarily born believing in the supernatural. It is this kind of information that fascinates me. I want to teach people how humans are just animals and operate based on natural laws, not supernatural ones. So far my studies of psychology show that psychologists are clearly on my side in this matter.

10/6/11 I am thinking about taking courses from this website.


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