Posted by: rudyruddell | April 28, 2012

Gay Marriage

I  listened to the Gay Marriage episode on Unbelievable episode 4/21/12  ( and I must say something about this Catholic anti-gay marriage advocate’s arguments. First of all, his primary argument is that marriage has always been between a man and a woman therefore it should always be that way. That is a fallacy from tradition. I could easily say that women have always been the property of men, therefore this tradition should continue. I could argue that slavery has always existed since the beginning of recorded history, therefore slavery should continue to exist. I don’t make those arguments because society evolves and changes. The definition of marriage has changed significantly throughout history.

The time has come for society to stop discriminating against gays in marriage. The Catholic also argued that gays still have the right to marry; it is just that they have chosen the wrong gender to want to marry. Well, how fair is that? Just because someone was born with the genetic inclination to prefer the same sex, what right do we have to prohibit that person from marrying the person that person loves?

As for the argument that society would come tumbling down because gay marriage would leave no barrier for those who want to make polygamy legal, that argument is bogus because there are not millions of polygamists demanding their rights. If they do demand their rights, they will have to provide some assurance that children will not be abused and that is a major obstacle. So far, I have heard no reasonable argument against marriage equality.


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