Posted by: rudyruddell | October 16, 2015

This Professor Argued that there are two primary functions of Government: Internal & External Control

I listened to the Lecture about Alexander Hamilton at

She argued that there were two primary functions of government: Internal control and protection from predators. The old model was based on the the assumption that your neighbors will always try to steal from you. What inspired me to write this post was that that argument made sense in light of how other government functions sprung from those two. Government needs to prevent insurrections and one way of doing that is to put them down violently as in Shay’s Rebellion. Another way is to placate the people by keeping them happy. This need was most dramatic with FDR’s New Deal, but we also saw it in the Roman Empire grain give-aways. My point here is that knowing this helps us understand the world better. Right now there is rancor in Congress because the conservatives want to reduce the deficit and go back to the two basic functions of government. Meanwhile, income inequality has grown and the people are discontent about it. In order to put down the rebellion, the government will still be pressured to avoid insurrection by redistributing the wealth in some fashion.


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